Accepted Insurances / Provider Networks / Cash Discounts

Vantage Radiology is contracted with the following list of insurances or participates in the following list of provider networks. Please contact your insurance provider for questions about your plan’s coverage for radiology procedures.

Vantage Radiology Accepted Insurances


Balance Billing Protection Act


Cash Discounts

Sites of Service

  • UW Medicine – Valley Medical Center – Hospital Diagnostic Imaging
  • Valley Breast Center
  • Valley Diagnostic Imaging Services – Medical Arts Center
  • Valley Diagnostic Imaging Services – Olympic Building

Patients receive two bills for any given service—one from the facility (technical fee) for use of equipment, facilities, non-physician medical staff, supplies, etc.; and one from the physician (professional fee) for interpreting a diagnostic test or performing a procedure.

  • Technical fee (UW Medicine – Valley Medical Center), 30% discount is available at any time during the billing cycle. If the patient pays at the time of service or prior to being discharged as an inpatient, they will receive a discount of up to 45%!
  • Professional fee (Vantage Radiology), 25% discount for uninsured patients if paid within 14 days of first bill.

Sites of Service

  • MultiCare – Auburn Medical Center

Patient receives two bills for any given service.

  • Technical fee (MultiCare – Auburn Medical Center), 20% discount to all non-insured patients.
  • Professional fee (Vantage Radiology), 25% discount to all non-insured patients if paid in full within 14 days of the first bill.

MultiCare – Auburn Medical Center offers an uninsured discount of 20% to all non-insured patients versus a “paid-in-full” discount.


Sites of Service

  • Auburn Diagnostic Imaging Services – Davis Professional Center

Patient receives one bill only, made up of technical and professional fees combined. The following discounts are available for uninsured patients:

  • 40% discount on MRI
  • 25% discount on CT
  • 15% discount on Ultrasound

Please note: 50% of the discounted exam is due at the time of the appointment with the remainder divided into four monthly payments.


Patient Financial Assistance

UW Medicine – Valley Medical Center and MultiCare – Auburn Medical Center offer Financial Assistance programs for patients. Please contact either hospital directly to apply for Financial Assistance.

  • VMC Patient Financial Services – 1.425.690.3578 option #5
  • MAMC Patient Accounting Department – 1.253.876.8550