Payment Options

Vantage Radiology contracts with over 25 different health care plans. Our goal is to be your radiology provider of choice and to provide exemplary service to you, your physician’s staff, and your physicians. We have trained personnel who can assist you with navigating through the ever increasing insurance coverage maze. Their knowledge can help make your journey as efficient as possible.

Vantage Radiology is also pleased to offer a significant discount program for patients who wish to pay in full on their day of service at our imaging centers, or for uninsured patients who pay within 14 days of receiving their statement.

Patient account representatives are available by phone at 253.661.3300 to answer your billing questions Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Billing inquiries may also be e-mailed to

Payments by mail should be sent to:
Vantage Radiology & Diagnostic Services, P.S.
P.O. Box 26730
Federal Way, Washington 98093

Pay My Bill Online

Pricing and Discounts

Vantage Radiology is pleased to provide patients with fees for imaging studies. All fees are estimates only and may not represent actual insurance contracted rates. If you would like fee information, please call our exam fee request line at 253.661.4750, during office hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

The fee request line can answer fee questions for services provided by Vantage Radiology and UW Medicine – Valley Medical Center, including Valley Diagnostic Imaging Services, The Breast Center, and Auburn Diagnostic Imaging Services. Information is also available for uninsured patients, including cash discounts.

Accepted Insurances / Provider Networks / Cash Discounts

Agency Relationship

Auburn Imaging Partners, LLC dba Auburn Diagnostic Imaging Services is the billing agent for services rendered by Vantage Radiology & Diagnostic Services, P.S. and Auburn Imaging Partners, LLC. Payments made by our patients or payers are deposited into a clearing account, and forwarded to the respective owners. This process is followed to ease the billing coordination for our patients, and to avoid the necessity of sending separate bills for the technical component of services (equipment, technologist labor, etc.) and the professional component (medical interpretation).