Does Hot Summer Weather Affect Your Vein Health?

Relaxed woman legs and flip flops in a car window on the beachSome 40 million men and women are affected by varicose veins. Vein health can be uncomfortable and painful on any day, whether it’s cold or hot.

High summer temperatures and dry conditions increase the stress on your legs which puts you at higher risk of worsening your venous disease. Let’s explore how Vanishing Veins Northwest can help you address your summer vein health.

Why Do Heat and Summer Affect Varicose Veins?

During the summer, your veins may dilate, making proper blood flow even more difficult. Varicose veins can cause your legs to appear bumpy and dark, itchy, achy, and heavy. Beyond the pain and discomfort, leg valves can become swollen and damaged.

Top Tips for Supporting Your Varicose Veins in the Summer Heat

The easiest solution for supporting good vein health is to stay indoors, out of the heat. Of course, it’s not always possible to stay indoors. You may go on vacation, work outdoors, or be involved in innumerable other activities. Here are the top tips for supporting your vein health in the summer.


Mixed salad greens and fresh herbs help increase vein circulation and reduce swelling. You can include bananas, avocados, and other high-magnesium food to improve your vein health.


Light exercise like walking or swimming can strengthen your veins, help relieve the swelling in your legs, and relieve venous congestion.


Drinking water is another way to strengthen the valves in your legs. You can avoid salty foods and alcohol to improve the effects of swelling, pain, and itchiness in your legs.

Compression Therapy

Compression stockings help with your circulation when your legs are swollen and tired. At Vanishing Veins Northwest, we offer recommendations for breathable compression solutions that are effective and comfortable during the summer.

Next Step: Consult with Vanishing Veins Northwest

Our goal is to help you understand how heat and dry summer air can affect your vein health. We will discuss the best solutions for you to help not only in the summertime but year-round.

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