CT Colonography

CT colonography is a FDA approved, non-invasive procedure which screens for colorectal cancer. CT colonography uses state-of-the-art CT images as well as 3D simulated images to evaluate your colon. A radiologist uses 2D and 3D simulated images to see inside your colon in order to identify pre-cancerous polyps and tumors. The radiologist is also able to identify some other abnormalities outside of the colon from the abdominal CT exam.

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Preparation Information

Patients must follow a clear liquid diet the day before and the day of the exam. At no time in these two days are you to have solid food. You will be able to go back on a regular diet as soon as the exam is completed.

Follow the instructions on the inside of the Lo So Prep package. Drink the bottle of liquid Magnesium Citrate at the same time as the LoSo Prep powder packet of Magnesium Citrate in the package.

Along with the Lo So Prep instructions, you will need to take one bottle of Tagitol with each clear liquid meal at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. At the end of the day, you should have taken a total of three bottles of Tagitol.

Please drink plenty of clear fluids. The more fluids you drink, the cleaner your colon will be.

You should continue to take prescribed medications as you normally would. This procedure should not cause you to miss or skip doses of your daily-prescribed medications. Do NOT skip your blood pressure or heart medications. You can take over the counter medications such as aspirin, Ibuprofen(Motrin), and Acetaminophen(Tylenol), if needed. Avoid taking your regular medications within two hours of your CT colonography prep medications to avoid absorption issues.

If you normally take pills orally for diabetes twice a day, on the day prior to your exam take the AM dose but skip the PM dose. On the morning of the exam, wait to take your AM dose until after the exam is completed and once you start eating regular solid food again. If you normally take one pill orally for diabetes once a day, on the day prior to your exam take the dose in the morning. On the morning of the exam, wait to take your pill for diabetes after the exam is completed and resume your regular medication schedule.