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Vantage Radiology works collaboratively with you and your care team to identify and diagnose your specific challenges, and provides in-depth support and ongoing consultation throughout your experience and in the future. All interpretations are provided by our board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians, and we communicate frequently, thoroughly and effectively with our partners and patients. Our experience and accessibility are the reasons physicians have been referring to us for more than forty years.

Our team and our network of specialists and partners is second to none. At Vantage, we are committed to helping you and your family navigate the healthcare maze so you are able to focus on what's most important- getting the information and care you need.


The Vantage model is rooted in our commitment to medical excellence, an experienced, accessible team and a service program that is seamless for both patients and partners.

Our extended, convenient outpatient center hours make it easy to get the information and services you need. We offer same-day appointments with CD or films available, and make our images and reports available to physicians and nurses online free-of-charge. Vantage Radiology provides your healthcare professionals quick access to your diagnostic reports and images anytime, anywhere, using a secure online network, and this means that your care team will always have the most current, accurate information about you and your unique history and needs.

If you would like to learn more about service fees and payments, we invite you to visit our convenient "Price Line" for one-stop calling information: 253.661.4750.


Vantage Radiology sites offer the latest technology and procedures available. We are committed to staying abreast of technology and research, and integrating new technologies and procedures when they improve patients' experiences and outcomes without compromising patient safety. Your safety is a top priority, and our experienced team works collaboratively to ensure that our patients have the best possible care.

What is a Radiologist?

The Radiologist is really your doctor's doctor. The radiologist is different from other physicians because he or she diagnoses diseases by obtaining and interpreting medical images. A radiologist correlates medical image findings with other examinations and tests, recommends further examinations or treatments, and confers with your physician... read more


Vantage Radiology encourages the public to be informed when making health care decisions. Many radiology exams utilize radiation which should be considered in determining proper care for an adult or child. Vantage Radiology monitors its radiation doses based on physicist recommendations and guidelines established by the American College of Radiology. The practice is also committed to using only the latest technology and proper shielding to reduce radiation exposure... read more

Click Here to watch a video on radiation safety in imaging.


Education Information on Imaging Children:

Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging

The American College of Radiology has developed new materials to educate parents about medical imaging and to help them track their child's past imaging exams. "My Child's Medical Imaging Record" allows parents to keep track of where and when a study was performed as well as the type of radiologic exam. Parents are encouraged to use this record as they do the widely used vaccination record, and should encourage their future medical providers to make decisions regarding optimal timing of additional radiologic examinations with a better understanding of their child's imaging history.

"What Parents Should Know About CT Scans for Children: Medical Radiation Safety" and "What Parents Should Know About Medical Radiation Safety" are downloadable patient education brochures that provide lay definitions for various imaging exams that use radiation, and educate parents of the benefits and potential risks associated with these studies. The brochures provide dose estimates in comparison to natural background radiation, discuss possible alternative examinations that do not use radiation, and equip parents with questions to ask their imaging providers so they can make better informed decisions regarding their child's care.

The imaging record card and the patient brochures are available at Vantage Radiology invite you to download the materials from the Image Gently Website.