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Vantage Radiology strives to communicate the latest information in imaging to our network of health care providers. Newsletters are written quarterly by radiologists to highlight an area of imaging or procedure. Newsletters are also used to announce new services, highlight members of our imaging team including radiologists, imaging center managers and technologists, and to keep you abreast of the latest developments within the centers in which we work.

Vantage Radiology writes Imaging Bulletins as a method to communicate to specialty groups of health care providers about related imaging procedures.

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Screening Mammograms
UW Medicine - Valley Medical Center's Imaging Updates - Winter 2015

Breast cancer is the most common cancer detected in females, and is the second leading cause of mortality due to cancer (second only to lung cancer). As a result, a tremendous amount of research has been conducted over the past half century to find ways to reduce the impact of breast cancer on womens lives through early detection, prevention and search for a cure. Screening mammography has repeatedly been shown, statistically significantly, to reduce breast cancer mortality, and yet, much controversy exists around screening mammography..... read more